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Thank you for this interesting question about interfaith marriage.The Bible does speak clearly into this issue and we hope this answer can explain it.We have seen different people who have married unbelievers and it does not go well for the believer's faith.They often end up turning away from God for their partner and in effect they are choosing their partner over God and putting them in the place of God.Single people, who either have chosen to remain unmarried or who have lost their spouse for some reason, are neither incomplete in Christ nor personal failures.

Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians consider marriage a Sacrament.

Though it is presumed that Jesus never married, he taught the importance and sacredness of lifelong marriage.

He quoted from both Genesis 1 and 2 While marriage is honored throughout the Bible and affirmed among Christians, there is no suggestion that it is necessary for everyone.

Christian marriage is a union between a man and a woman, instituted and ordained by God, for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife.

The Apostle Paul gave a similar directive when he wrote, "Let marriage be held in honour among all".

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We do not want to encourage you to split up from your spouse if you are married and we will pray that they come to know Christ too.

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