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And, true, it is more than three decades since the controversy over the first cinematic adaptation, scripted by Nabokov himself, starring James Mason and directed by Stanley Kubrick, even though the film did not include explicit sex scenes.Aren't the heaving carnal sweatings of Adrian Lyne's new version starring Jeremy Irons nothing more than an updating for our desensitised times? You cannot divorce a work of art from the cultural climate in which it locates itself.Swain talks with us about the evolution of her career, a film she’d like to do all over again and what dating is like as one of the sexiest women in the world.

That is paramount on any film because as an actress, one has to feel completely free to look silly and vulnerable.knew he would protect my performance and I could act as big or as loud as I wanted to and he wouldn’t let me get away with anything but the best performance possible.I was so lucky to work with him and to know him as a human being.The fact that it didn’t come out theatrically in the United States is criminal and I didn’t think our Puritan ancestors would bite me in the a** like that.Lyne’s films have always been controversial and sexually oriented so while I had a body double, to cut out all the titillating parts would have been silly because the film is about fixation with the sexiness of a minor. Malibu is the most beautiful place in the world and I was lucky to grow up near the beach but I don’t even say that I grew up in Malibu anymore.

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