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It was on the news (in my dream) and I was hysterically crying and my parents tried to comfort me. Does it have anything to do with what he has helped me through or how much he has helped me? thinking of it now makes me want to cry but it seemed so realistic.My dad offered to take me to one of his band's shows (even though if this happened, the tour would be cancelled). it finally switched to when it was bright but we were still sitting at the table and he just got up, we hugged and he walked into this white brightness. Last night I had a dream that I was at the mall and all of a sudden I see Micheal Jackson and his mom going into a store.In each dream we are in a place of all white and she is silently crying. I take her face in my hands and pull her toward me so our foreheads touch and speak words of comfort and reassurance to her: that she is valued and loved by so many even though she has passed.I rarely remember my dreams but these stand out to me vividly.She sun a song called Love is a Losing Game and I just cried my heart out .In real life I never cry, It takes a lot for me to cry and the last time i have cried was probably 2 years ago. For some reason it was, "I have nothing" by Whitney Houston... I related to him, having gone through a lot of similar issues with sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol and my thoughts and attempts on suicide.looking good and all, I tried to kiss him twice and he just moved his head out of the way, each time, I wonder what it means lol I had a dream that I was really good friends with Anderson Cooper and he surprised me for my birthday by reviving Amy Winehouse from the dead.Even though my birthdays in 4 months that's probably the least of the weirdest things to happen in that dream.

But I cant remember the dream well but all I remember is that he was hidding from someone and asking me for help to cover him or help him look for someone... Then, I checked on his Instagram, and seen all the comments. That just happened like 5-6 minutes ago, and I'm scared for him. he started asking me about my grades in school and i was telling him about my failing grades (it actually is) and he told me not to worry because it's the end of the year and to start doing my work more and to not be scared to ask for help.

So yeah it was just a really nice dream and it was beautiful to see Amy Winehouse but the moment the song ended she just froze and I gave her a hug but then she laid down on the floor and in my dreamed I had assumed it was time for her to go back. I barely listen to music, what happens to next doesn't surprise me... Next thing you know Whitney shows up helping me sing it and we do a duet to the song... He was with a black and white Pit Bull (which I own several) and was making a dog food commercial.

I don't rem knee him speaking but I do remember his ankle being broken (as is mine ATM) and him pointing to the bag of dog food which highlighted the words Pit Bull.

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If you have a dream in which you see a dead celebrity in other words, it can be pretty crushing to you. I love eazy, I wasnt alive when he died though (Im only 17), and he was just so cute to me.

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