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In a complicated java project, having a visual image of dependencies between classes or between Java packages is very useful.Architects and senior developers can review the dependencies to make sure the project is implemented following the design.To view dependent classes of a specific class (i.e.

The end result is that I'm now getting a classpath error when one of my plugins (A) tries to access a class in one of the dependent plugins (B) (also one of mine).

To test, I created a new Plugin C with one class and accessed the class from Plugin A. Does anyone have any hints for troubleshooting such issues? I've been struggling with this for hours and getting nowhere!

Particularly frustrating as it was working until I changed something! I developed for RCP quite a long ago, but if I'm not wrong, since 3.4 or 3.5 you have to declare in the plugin configration which packages/classes are exported for dependent plugins and which are not.

then you have to download "axis-client-8.7.jar" file and paste the same in to below location will resolve the issue.

C:\Users\Username XXX.m2\repository\tws\axis-client.7(Paste axis-client-8.7.jar).

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You will want to create your project as a 'Maven Project'.

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