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I would never ever want my young child to have that much fear and anxiety. First, it's damned-if-you-do or damned-if-you-don't from the JW perspective.If my life turns out amazing post-JW, then Satan is blessing me.I am no longer the insecure, uncomfortable, can't-advance-because-I-never-totally-conformed-to-the-"truth", closed-minded, content person that I was as a JW.Nowadays, I am open-minded, more caring than I ever was as a JW, shy yet confident, and always looking to improve, not to mention a loyal, loving husband and father. Can anyone who is PIMO get their hands on a convention name tag for me?So summer is starting soon, and i’m planning to do big things.I’m planning to get a job, a permit for driving, and go to gym!

It’s so sad to me that I was living in such fear as a child that for the most part I didn’t even know how to have fun.

The secret to eternal life, as it turns out, is not just living a really, really long time. Now him , I love him to death like my mom, but when he gets mad, he shouts loud and his eyes pop out in anger, and won't let anyone get a word in edgewise.

It’s all about maturity, or rather, the lack of it. The final thing is that he always loves to slip in the borg and the 'new world shit' in every conversation he has. My mom is slowly becoming him when it comes to this subject. She's holding on to that 'hope' of the stupid resurrection.

And my dad is even worse, I can already see him being super pissy that my mom even watched that because he is all like "I don't wanna hear anything, I know whats right and idc what anyone has to say about it". I'm proud to say I have no idea what's been going on in the meetings or anything like that.

And honestly I don't know whats worse, flat out denying victims or refusing to hear them altogether. These are just a handful of things I recall being drilled in to my head as a child. So yesterday I saw a post on Reddit that mentioned an episode of the show "Cults & extreme beliefs" were going to cover a former Jehovah's Witness who was sexually abused as a child. Do you think the brothers/sisters would do something like this?

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