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I made a jolly nice table detailing when you should expect your Office 2016 update: The First Release option is available to those users or organizations under the Current Branch for Business, wishing to gain immediate access to the latest versions of Office 2016, new features If your organization is signed up to the First Release program, or you have Office 365 Business, Business Premium, or Small Business Premium, you’ll be able to download new Office 2016 apps ahead of your scheduled release date.I have access to none of these plans, or the First Release program, so these details are taken directly from the Office Support site. Remember this service is only available to those organizations signed up to the program, and the aforementioned Office 365 plans.Facebook plans to start making the changes as soon as this week.It will have less of an impact, however, if most of a publisher’s traffic comes from individual users sharing and commenting on their stories and videos.Microsoft is pushing a portion of Office 2016 testing to the consumers, à la Windows 10 faster than previous Office iterations.The Current Branch will effectively serve as the Office guinea pigs, whilst Current Branch for Business can watch from the back row, until unexpected issues are solved.

, volume license owners could only access their download on October 1.Both Facebook and publishers described the move as a better, faster reading experience for users.Facebook is also paying a number of publishers, including The Times, to create broadcasts for Facebook Live, the company’s new live-streaming video product.As has long been the case, publisher content that your friends interact with will appear higher in the feed compared to posts shared directly by a publisher.Over the last few years, publishers struggling to attract readership and draw online advertising dollars have come to view Facebook and its users as a good way to gain new audiences and lucrative revenue streams.

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This leaves you with two options: upgrade, or reinstall an older, licensed version of Office.

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