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She had no idea the young boy was starving for the lost love of his mother and would take anything resembling affection. She had more of a nurturing nature than her mother and until she reached that age where boys suddenly became attractive, she would cuddle up to him on the couch to watch TV with him.When the puberty fairy started to fill her out in areas Ed was secretly enthralled by she began to restrict her physical signs of affection to ruffling his hair, pats on the back, an occasional kiss on the cheek, and the even more rare hug but she always had a smile and kind word for him.Red faced, Ed hung up his towel and stepped into the shower.The room went silent until the coach’s voice boomed out.He didn’t want something too drippy or sappy as Grace was not sentimental in the least. He wanted a pretty card with a simple heartfelt message. “Well if you need some help just let me know,” she smiled.While he was hunting he felt eyes on him and looked down the aisle to see Melanie Stanwell and Izzy Desmond looking at him and giggling. With a bold look at Izzy, Melanie walked down the aisle towards him with a smile on her lips. He nodded his thanks and she strutted back to Izzy with a coy smile at him over his shoulders.He wasn’t particularly aggressive but he was good at the game as he was bigger and stronger than most of the others.He continued to grow bigger and stronger than his peers.

He did his best from that time on to avoid showering with the others either by being first or last. Edward gave himself a shake when he found himself dwelling on that old history.

Author's Notes: ' One Who Understands' is the first book of what inexplicably became a trilogy.

The stories are read in the following order: 1 One Who Understands, 2 The Most Valuable Gift, 3 To Walk a Mile. He’d known Grace since she was 10 and he came to live with her and her mom Shirley Wilson when he was just a young boy of 6.

She saved the boy from a very lonely childhood and he loved her deeply for it.

Though they were second cousins they grew up together as brother and sister.

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