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Forget cancer research or space exploration; apparently, some of the best minds in the world are working tirelessly to help men like us get the best nut we possibly can.And you thought futuristic science geeks weren’t sexy.On a single charge of the powerful battery, it can run for hours, and it hums like a dream with no excessive buzzing noise.Neat and discrete, this toy is highly rated because of its ability to stimulate long-distance relationships with the touch of a button – no apps required.It puts the Y in PARTY in more ways than one, namely with its patented Sayber Skin material that gives the Fleshlight’s Super Skin shit a run for its money.

While some people are huddled in a dark basement crafting their own sex toys, you’ll be enjoying the best shit on the market because you’re not a crazy cheap ass. Didn’t you know that the DIY crowd has never been welcome at the cool kids’ table?Don’t get us started on how much we love a no-strings-attached blowjob.Add a variable cornucopia of internal sleeve textures with which to customize the experience and we are so on board we might as well go down with the ship.Its smooth and satisfying operating system requires hardly any energy on your part, aside from the inevitable post-nut cleanup routine.But even that is made super simple by the combined minds behind its design – the famous Fleshlight and the up-and-coming Kiiroo.

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