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My job required that I travel a lot, and as such, I had come home quite unexpectedly from a trip out of town.Hoping to pleasantly surprise my wife, I was the one surprised as I walked in and found her in bed with another man.Even now, we were still talking, but I was yet hesitant to forgive and forget.

At the moment however, it was the young woman across the small court that separated our respective units that caught my hers as it turned out.For one..had been well over three month's now since I'd had sex with my soon to be ex-wife.Therefore, I was already climbing the walls from that.It was late in the afternoon by the time I had finished unpacking what little I had brought with me, putting it away.Most of my new furniture hadn't arrived yet, and wouldn't until Monday or Tuesday, so except for my favorite chair, and 50" flat screen, I didn't have much.

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Sure...simple masturbation seemed a temporary solution, but the emotional stress I had been through had all but killed any kind of libido I used to have, so even that method of gratification seemed like a distant memory.

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