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Albert Brooks, in his second guest appearance, is hilarious as a French bowling master-cum-casanova, improvising most of his lines in a masterful performance. Cory Anotado (@pacdude) Never forget: Homer Simpson is not a bad man.

It ends with Marge choosing Homer over Jacques, and a memorable Officer and a Gentleman parody that I remember seeing and not getting the reference as a child. He is stupid, short-sighted, dense, and sometimes inconsiderate. Homer's Night Out is one of those classic examples of this.

The quirky jokes and relatable problems help remind me of how good cartoons used to be, and that is why I praise this episode.

"There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: the American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars Trilogy" (Bart Simpson).

Even though the episode ends with a cheesy ending, it's a reminder that Homer will always be a good guy.

Bart's chalkboard gag has made us laugh and helped us mourn, while the family couch has seen everything from The Flintstones To Minecraft.

Watching Homer try to finance an RV was hilarious, and watching Maggie raised by a pack of considerate (and intelligent) bears will always elicit awwws, but the rest of the episode felt like a list of what could go wrong on a camping trip, ticked off one by one. Albert Brooks appears, somewhat anonymously, as Cowboy Bob.

Cory Anotado (@pacdude) Bart, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph stare at the sky and try to make out shapes in clouds.

This episode really shows that the Simpsons writers can do when they take news stories or popular media and use it to push their plot along. take from Joshua Burke (@jemcinema) This episode had me laughing, and it was a great way to wake up. Here we get the first of a mostly annual side show bob treat when sideshow bob tries to take out someone from springfield.

Funny jokes from cast like usual, it was a good episode. We also see the beginning of bart and lisa working together to solve a problem in the town, and this is a trope that the show will cary with it all the way to current seasons.

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