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Well, we heard from Beth Rose Feurstein, the woman who sent the question to both columns, which involved a blind date who turned out to be a serial blind-date-canceller who kept invoking the same "got hit while riding my bicycle and ended up in the ER" excuse. Yes, You Tube is great, but this column wouldn't have happened in the pre-Web world.

And she says when the attention to her in her huge faceless elite East Coast school. She doesn't even want to go into publishing anymore!

Right besides a gay bar, and how will I tell the difference between Mr. Most gay advice columns are campy and outrageous, written by cross-dressing vamps who focus on the fag-tag circuit boys.

As a 34-year-old, HIV-positive gay man, I have asked these and many other questions throughout my dating life, yet there is no public forum in which to air them.

What if Dear Prudence is the Penthouse Letters of tongue-clucking suburbanites? Today, they happened to answer the same letter from a guy conflicted about spending his inheritance from grandma.

Because inquiring minds want to know (most recent at the top!

Anyone who has that little self-respect is hardly capable of a relationship.

I haven't been able to start dating yet because I'm afraid of how people will react when I tell them about my situation. Damaged Goods Disclosure is like coming out all over again.What if Dear Prudence is the Penthouse Letters of tongue-clucking suburbanites?were wondering if the Ethicist stole a letter from the Social Qs column that runs in the Sunday Styles—after all, they printed the same question this week that appeared in the Styles in September.It's said that if you have five good friends in this life, you're lucky. And he was fast, with both hands; chicken, French fry, chicken, French fry, and talking and breathing and eating all through the same orifice.Right now I've got seven, and I believe that if we follow our hearts, and are honest with ourselves and others, there's no reason we can't stretch that figure into the double digits. He spat through the entire main course, and when he came out with the Cherry Garcia for dessert, I got nervous, because I wasn't wearing a spit guard and because chocolate stains.

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