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So if you insist on labelling me, it’s pansexual all the way but I prefer to call myself gender-blind. An ex-boyfriend once casually called me a slut because he assumed I had slept with a lot of people.

It turns out he had slept with shitloads more than the mere eleven I had chalked up at the time.

She had caught my eye with her blonde hair and her remarkable style.

This is the essence of online dating apps, they have an unmistakably horrible superficial ethic at their core.

Gender has never occurred to me when I am attracted to someone, nor race, nor class, nor height (a considerable talking point on tinder profiles FYI), nor blah blah blah.

I’m allowed to have as many friends as I want without being considered morally questionable. If I have a couple of friends who I always go to see the latest films at the cinema with and another group of friends who I party with and another few friends who I always go to a boxing class with, why can’t I have a selection of friends with whom I have sex? I am upfront about my lifestyle choices, and I form meaningful, intimate and beautiful relationships with the people I sleep with regularly.

It is the sharing of a common interest that we have a connection over, that excites both of us- pardon the pun. I am not a massive fan of a one-night stand; still, I do have them occasionally.

At different times in my life, I have identified with between one and seven of these labels. I have always felt queer, whether it be just feeling odd at school or not fitting in with my family of middle class, hetero-normative Christian school teachers, being a circus performer or having had a lifelong continually shifting and morphing sexuality.

Queer has always been something with which I identified. Interestingly enough I once referred to Jean-Michel (See My Queer Love Life #1) as queer during one of our many great conversations about life and sex, and he flipped out.

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