Gina dating esther queen of persia

Esther reigned as the queen of Persia for a period of about 13 years.

With King Ahasuerus, she had one son, named Darius II, who would later rebuild the holy Temple in Jersusalem.

Bringing Back Vashti and Esther in the #Me Too Era.

It has taken 2,400 years, but the Purim women’s roles are finally being reappraised, their heroic actions being seen as especially relevant at this point in time The #Me Too movement promises a world where women will no longer be forced into impossible situations.

One should note that in contrast to the previous verse, where she is referred to as " Vashti, the Queen", here she is called "Queen Vashti", to show us that she has a mind of her own.

The King is exceedingly angry and as a ruler who, throughout his life, has been dependent on his counselors' advice - as described in the Megillah - he calls together those closest to him in order to clarify matters [Ch 1, 15]. The counselor-ministers speak of the grave consequences of the queen's action and the negative impact of her refusal, on the whole fabric of relationships between spouses in the great empire of Persia and Mede: Ch 1, 16-18: "...

Esther the Jewish Queen of Persia ‫אֶסְתֵּר‬, Ester Tiberian ʼEstēr, born Hadassah, is the heroine of the Biblical Scroll of Esther.

According to the Bible, she was a Jewish queen of the Persian king Ahasuerus.

It also provides other contextual information relating Jewish and Persian history such as the identification of Darius the Mede as the uncle and father-in-law of Cyrus.While Ahasuerus was traditionally identified with Xerxes I during the time of the Achaemenid empire, many historians now believe that Esther was the queen of Persia under a later king of Persia, during the time of the Sassanid empire.Her story is the basis for the celebration of Purim in Jewish tradition.The first century CE historian Josephus recounts the origins of Purim in Book 11 of his Antiquities of the Jews.He follows the Hebrew Book of Esther but shows awareness of some of the additional material found in the Greek version in that he too identifies Ahasuerus as Artaxerxes and provides the text of the king's letter.

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