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His final report was delayed in order not to prejudice the trial of the officers.Mr Logan, solicitor for Ms Richardson and Mr Armstrong, said: 'Four people spent 15 years in jail for an offence they didn't commit and no one really knows after reading that report why that happened.' Mr Mullin, MP for Sunderland South, said: 'It is a report that will satisfy only those responsible for creating this mess in the first place.' Sir John told a press conference yesterday that there was no evidence of a conspiracy to convict the Four.

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Surrey police are also criticised for twice arresting a man who came forward to support the alibi of Ms Richardson.

Sir John says police tried to destroy the alibi, rather than investigate its truth.

The convictions were quashed following new evidence suggesting police fabricated the confessions of Mr Armstrong and Mr Hill; three detectives were acquitted of related charges last year.

Sir John has already produced interim reports on the related case of the Maguire Seven, cleared by the Court of Appeal in 1991.

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