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According to, touching is a fundamental human need which we all require for our well-being.Touching can evoke several emotions, such as protection, encouragement, relaxation and arousal. In the age of online dating and causal hook-ups, trying to figure out how the dating game works can be frustrating. For some, it’s almost impossible to figure out if dating rules even exist anymore.And many of the new “rules” tend to encourage behaviors that lead to unhealthy relationships that have little chance of lasting.While culture and dating expectations have changed, there are still some things you can do to increase the likelihood of not only finding, but also maintaining a healthy dating relationship. It’s about getting to know one another better and finding out if you want to spend more time with that person. Showing respect isn’t just an old fashioned idea; it’s a key to healthy relationships.When the first months of whirlwind romance are over, settling into a relationship takes more effort than you may realize.After what seems like endless questions, debates and considerations, your job is still not over; you must now maintain the relationship that you worked so hard for in the first place.

Just like you would not settle with a not so great friend, do not settle with a not so great dating partner.So take the time as the relationship progresses to clarify where things stand.These 5 tips for developing and maintaining a healthy dating relationship are time tested and haven’t changed as culture has shifted and dating rules have morphed.Just as you would talk to your friends if they made you upset, worried you, or made you mad, you should and you can talk to your dating partners, too.Relationships can endure rough patches--and relish great ones--if a couple starts with a solid basis.

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Adjusting and coping, to either a new routine or a new way of thinking, is difficult and crucial.

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  1. According to theoretical and practical understandings of consent, those key elements include: Equality relates to the balance of power and control between those involved in sexual activities.