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This lengthy, and likely verbose, training manual is hopefully a large piece of the puzzle that most will need to help make them stronger.It is admitted that a few training concepts may have been left out, but I am confident that besides some odds and ends this is a great resource to better programming for the masses.

Improvement requires knowledge, and this is knowledge shared so reciprocate the contribution to the lifter community.

Applications & Adaptations is a means to show lifters everywhere that getting stronger is simple and can provide a lifetime of effective training.

Strength training has been around for hundreds of years and we have fairly accurate documentation on how men in the 1910’s (and earlier!

Perhaps the most stressful day of all, thus the reason why it wasn’t included in this training cycle. Jokes aside, it is recommended that after completing Deadlift Wave Forms the lifter rest five to seven days.

Start test day by warming up and then ascending in singles.

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