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When we were finally able to get through to Technical Support, we could not UNDERSTAND the person because they did not speak very good English. The setup was simple as I was just replacing the cameras and DVR on an existing system.

We attempted to call back and leave a #, and the call was NEVER returned. but were referred back to the Technical Support department. on Location: Dallas, TX This system was a replacement of a Samsung security system. Where the power really came into play was the FLIR Cloud app. Gone are the days of having to edit settings in my modem.

on Location: Louisiana Overall, the system has worked fairly well for about 11 months now.

Protect what matters most with surveillance monitoring in stunning 1080p high definition.

This complete web exclusive surveillance system features our popular DV7163 HD digital video recorder (DVR).

I would recommend this system to anyone looking for ease of installation and how simple it is to use.

on Location: Watertown, WI I purchased a 16 channel with 16 wide angle 1080 p cameras with monitor. The wide angle cameras worked so well that we were able to move cameras to other areas because the view was so wide.

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I was so pleased with the first system, we just purchased another 16 wide angle system in August 2017.

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