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Reports found in the written annals stating that "large hot springs" were formed, are now thought to indicate that the hot springs started to spout.

The fame of the area increased in the following centuries, especially that of the Great Geysir itself.

As well as Geysir and Strokkur, Haukadalur area in south-western Iceland features smaller geysers, steaming fumaroles and colourful, mineral-rich pools and mud formations.

Respect needs to be shown for the fragile beauty of this unique area and nature must be allowed to evolve on its own.

Since then, Geysir has been erupting sporadically, but when Geysir performs, it sure lives up to its name, "The Geysir", ejecting a jet of steaming water, between 60-80 m high.

Another geyser – Strokkur – is located less than 100 m away from Geysir and it erupts frequently, every 4-8 minutes.

This turbulence (boiling) can increase to the point where the water above in the pipe is lifted slightly, and a chain reaction starts - the pressure decreases making further boiling possible and the water flashes into steam, resulting in an eruption in Geysir.

The boiling then extends down into the pipe, throwing more water into the air.

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