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Kumeyaay resistance more often took the form of non-cooperation (in forced labor), return to their homelands (desertion of forced relocation), and raids on mission livestock ( SAN DIEGO DE ALCALA, March 26, 1776 — Captain Fernando Rivera y Moncada violated ecclesiastical asylum at Mission San Diego de Alcalá on March 26, 1776 when he forcibly removed a 'neophyte' in direct defiance of the padres.

However, I have certain editorial responsibility to present some known historical information and facts about Native American Indian history in San Diego County — the ancestral tribal homelands of the Kumeyaay people.HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS reflect the Pre-Contact Kumeyaay were thriving populations of Native Americans who, by archeological criteria, were still living in the Stone Age with no use of metals or cloth fabrics."Indeed this tribe, which among those discovered is the most numerous, is also the most restless, stubborn, haughty, warlike, and hostile toward us, absolutely opposed to all rational subjection and full of the spirit of independence."MISSION SAN DIEGO DE ALCALA, November 4, 1775 — Illustration depicts the death of Father Luís Jayme by rebellious American Indian warriors at Mission San Diego de Alcalá, November 4, 1775.The uprising was the first of a dozen similar incidents that took place in Alta California during the Mission Period, however, most rebellions tended to be localized and short-lived due to the Spaniards' superior weaponry.The original structure was burned down by rebellious Kumeyaay in 1775.The Portola expedition and the efforts of Father Junipero Serra were to establish a chain of Spanish missions and military forts (bases) on the West Coast and build good relations with the local indigenous tribes in an old-world effort to gain their cooperation in finding the fabled cities of gold so their untold wealth could be plundered for Spain and personal gain.

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Right map highlights the historical Kumeyaay ancestral homeland in gray prior to European intrusion — the dots on the modern left map show present-day locations of the seventeen small Kumeyaay Indian reservations at the turn of the 21st century.

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