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He is 42 now, and according to our inquiries, he has just completed his sentence and is back on the streets of Birmingham.

In 2008, Parviz Khan, now 35, who plotted to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier, was jailed for life.

x_Directioner_Omg wrote: “[are] the rumours true about One Direction in a car crash!!!!!!!!! :( while @Alice Digby_1D posted: “OMF gee, One Direction were in a car crash?!?!

The address where Khalid Masood, the man responsible for the Westminster outrage, was believed to have been holed up was in Hagley Road, a busy thoroughfare lined with kebab shops, cheap Asian food outlets and boarded-up stores with broken windows.

Among the deadly haul was an industrial quantity of the chemical required for the high-explosive HMTD, which was used in the July 7 attacks on London’s Tube and bus network in 2005.

Abedin was 25 at the time, married with children and working as a waiter, then as a used-car salesman.

In fact, they were put up as part of a programme by the force’s counter-terrorism unit with the consent of the Home Office and M15.

After the truth emerged, police were forced to apologise to Muslims and bags were placed over the cameras.

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