Invalidating a session who is dating who on glee in real life

This means I can invalidate there session from anywhere in the web app.

I'm going to mix psuedo code and real code to give you an idea of what I mean.

The problem is, how do I invalidate another client's session from the application?

Thanks I had a similar situation so I created a Servlet called Manager that gets automatically started by my servlet engine.

I also understand these methods are deprecated, so I am looking for more updated methods that I can use.

:) Thanks Hi, u can add one char field in ur rdbms, where u can save the state of the user, like, if user logs in, save Y, if user logs off save N.

How is this supposed to be tacked using After some searching around, I did find the following Git Hub issue that tangentially discusses this: #67 However, I wasn't able to completely follow the discussion, as it implies that the programmer should create a custom Store implementation, and I'm fairly new to Golang.

One of its task is to creates a Hashtable and put it in the Servlet Context object.

/* This is part of the Manager Servlet's code */ public void init( Servlet Config cfg ) throws ...

/* End of Manager excerpt */ /** Login Servlet Excerpt */ public void do Post( Yada ya, Yada da )throws ...

The Session API is a subset of the Java Servlet framework.

It centres around the Http Session object, which on the Servlet represents the "session of the client whose request is being processed".

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