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'" said Michael Gartenberg, vice president at Interpret LLC, a media research company.

And for years, cameras mounted on computers have helped connect people for racy online video sessions.

The adult industry wants its customers to share moments of an entirely different kind with its stars.

With more than 3 million of the phones already sold, the adult industry stands to make big money on this new way to reach out and touch someone — even if it puts Apple, which has always taken pains to keep its i Phone apps squeaky clean, in an awkward spot.

Still, advocacy groups worry that Face Time could connect children to pornography or predators.

Parents can put computers in public areas of the home to supervise Internet usage, but mobile phones go anywhere.

Hughes said it would be better if parents could create a "safe list" of people their children could call.

For the adult-entertainment industry, Face Time could be more than just another medium. For independent sex-chat workers, for instance, it could mean handing over less of their earnings to computer-based services. It requires that both parties in a chat have each other's phone numbers, which could expose video-chat workers to unwanted calls from their clients.

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