Is dating a close friend a good idea

However, it doesn’t hesitate to attack humans if they represent a danger or if they are attacking its owner.

A Pit Bull is particularly loyal, being ready to give up on its own life in order to save its owner.

Most often, these types of dogs are dangerous for other people, not for their owners or other people they are familiar with.

Although most of them make remarkable pets, they could return to their innate tendencies in a matter of seconds if they are determined to do so by circumstances.

They were conceived through a crossbreeding process.

Man wanted to obtain dogs that were characterized by cold-bloodedness and strength in order to use them in dog fights or for killing people.

As a pet, a Doberman needs a strong and firm owner.

Preferably, it should be afraid of this person in order to respect him or her enough and obey.

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In case of aggression towards it, a Pit Bull will always react violently.

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