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As a reminder, as I said last week: I’ll be cooling it on the big time-traveling storyline for now, and going old school random for a while in order to get back on the comic horse.

The storyline was obviously getting a bit too ambitious on both the plotting and art fronts for my own good, and was (not surprisingly) a major reason why I got all messed up and had to take a break again.

I’m still going through all the answer submissions I’ve gotten over the last week; if you won you’ll be hearing from me by email within the next 2 days! sorry but I gotta slow down a bit again, if only temporarily. When I took breaks in the past I had doubts about the future of a Lp, but not this time. I just need to lift the stress that my once-a-week deadline was strangling me with. As I said, I’m hoping this is temporary and I’ll get back to at least weekly eventually.

Hope you enjoyed today’s comic, see you next week, egg willing!!

There was surprisingly little complaining about movies I screwed up or left out, so I’m pretty pleased with myself, but the most common gripe was that I left out the other boroughs and the upper part of Manhattan.

Like I either half-assed it, forgot about, or wanted to take a dump on all the fine folks that don’t live in the exact epicenter of the universe. 94th, and lived out in Brooklyn so I know what it’s like to be neglected by pop media. These roughly 12 square miles of Manhattan is where THEY put everything.

If I included all of NYC, or even just upper Manhattan, there’d be a ton of wasted space where relatively little’s happening and it’d reduce the impact.

I had to make it work as a visual piece and not just as a reference.

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