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From that time on the Prince had to shoulder very weighty responsibilities in hisf irew capacity and practically functioned as a ruler thougli nominally 'only a regent. eut;- Cofoncl of the Army and 'Cbmnkahder" of -the Navy, and on Jatt Uary^ z6, the following year,' the Priiice married Ms- bride- elect Princess Nagako; the nuptials which. j APAaeaebn Ui-l^ra K (Bute japanioua^ r Japai Mtoe t»ae-froer (ff MKJqyna to a ) ; Jaawnaae t Ntg i Bsaim japanlc&; giant Baiajnaradev ^Masafobatan Mhiui nnudii Kis); Malkane satemfin^r ^Oxismbodftotanliii B japonlcaii Oi. Thus it was in the time of the 8th 8hogun Voshfmasa (1436-90) that the art of tea ceremonial, the ! In November 1921 the Prlnc6 was appointed Prince Regent to undertake the conduct cf State affairs in place of his Emperor-father, who was suffering from cronic disease arfd In- capacitated from attiending to public duties. Japanese perch -sea- wolt (Percajjatorant Japonicus) ; ^ Pelor Japonicus; Iilonocentris Ja Donioua; Aoipenoer ^ , m Ucadol; Petr Qmy8Un Q^ii Uat Ula; Japaofise. (Thypnus sibl); Samma (Scombresox saira)^ Japanese eel (Augilla^ Jadponlca),; Japanese 9hai;ka (Carchaida^ Jaip^riiciis; PKistlophorus Japonicus). As regards matters of taste and refinement, however, this period made a very valuable contribution to the history of clvfliration in Japan. Cm[05ALM0N AND CRAB MEAT PRODUCING OVER 1.300,000 CASES PACKED BY THE NICHIRO CANNERY. (Yasuda Shintaku Kabushiki Kaisha) Capital (Subscribed) . Fortunate, indeed, are the Japanese people in having two such fine characters «nlted on tiie Throne. Toku0aw« Shoggnate.- — lyeyasu was now the most powerful • xpan* for Hideyoshl's son HMeyori at Osaka was still .a minor. | Digitized by Vj OOQIC VI ADVERTISEMENTS Digitized by Vj OOQ IC ADVERTISEMENTS vu TT ' ' ■ •^- NGK. TOKYO AND HAKODATE ^ Digitized by Google Vm ADVERTISEMENTS THE YASUDA TRUST CO., LIMITED. Trained on somewhat different lines to the previous Empresses, and with iresh develqpoii Sftt;' Xik^n ' Pb^^ l^img the 'wonianhood of Japan, the Empress is expected to be a real power for good and the advancement of her people, aided by the Emperor's clear understanding of affairs and ready sympathy. In the flf st-named veglen gloomy weather prevails in winter mo Yiths (Nov. FAUNA Number of species found in Japan and those peculiar to or specially conspicuous in the country are as follows: — - Mammals 240 species. The expedition, however, was rendered abor- tive by the death of Hideyoehi in 16W. forceful execution and could play Beethoven and Choplp with reti skill, in which ^he was aided by the paints s|ie took in masterr ing technique. The Peaeadores .(94.5 days) and Kamo (845.8 days) are the two estremes. The IMvn^r called "bal-U(" or "tsuyu V is especially marked on the Pac Mc eeast or Southern Japan, due to the appearance of lew 'pteasiue areas In the Yan^rtze valley of China which travel itorth-eastar Bi^. The letter is caused 1^ the low atmospheric pressure that originates from the South 8^a and is characterised by heavy precipitation. Japan is very rich in fauna and flora, owing to the fact that (1) the land is very much elongated from north to south. •lichen Nobtmaga was killed by his general Mitsuhide in i682, Hideyoshi came 'back \n a hurry, revenged Ms lord upfbn traitor In a pitched battle fought near ikyoto, arid by promptly fore- stalling all the other generals of the unfortunate ' Kobunaga, made himself thte master of the grand edifice nearly' completed •by hfaj chief. The latter took up the cause of the ref UK^e, fought with the over- whelming Jiost of . IXideyosh I judged it wiser to win over lyeyasu by peaceful means instead of by war, and tl^o two houses "became reconciled. According to MAdame Kambe, the Princess had a pianist's hands, not too slender for. 3 76 83 79 80 20 Kanaasawa 80 74 82 79 78 19 Hakodate .77 72 86 74 77 19 Kiire 71 72 79 74 74 22 Sapporo ..80 72 84 79 79 8 Osaka 72 72 77 76 74 16 Fusan 50 66 82 64 66 5 Nagoya ...75 72 78 78 75 21 Seoul 68 «7 80 78 71 17 Pot reasons already given, Japan' is one of the rainiest retrions in the world, the average record of rainfalls ranging Irom 7Q0 ia.m. ' The Pacific coast of Northern Japan has generally little rain. Thus Japan may approximately be said to have, iaa year, 4 sunny days tor every 3 daya of rain or snow. Yearly 4c«»l Taihoku 16.0 14.9 14,5 16 J i8SJ» Kumamcrto 12.4 13.8 15.8 10.4 166.3 Kure 8.5 12.3 11.6 9.0 126.4 Osaka 8^ 13.5 12^ 10.7 139.2 Na«roya 9.4 12.9 14.6 11.7 146.8 Tokyo 7.8 14.2 14.6 14.3 147.2 Mat Bumoto 11.6 12.1 15.6 12.5 148:i Fukuerhima 14.3 11.8 16.8 13.3 tfn.9- Kanaaawa 26.8 15.5 15.8 17.6 224.1 Nligata 27.7 15.3 14.2 19.1 226.^ Hakodate 2t.7 11.9 13.5 15.1 192.1 Sapporo 20.1 12.5 12.7 16.8 192t Fusan 6.3 l O.e 13.9 7.5 106.7 Seoul 7.6 9.7 14.9 7.2 UW Japan has two wettest secoo Ds, one from the midtfie of Jme to tlie begrinnbi R of July, ai Ml the other fz«bm the ^estaniner f^ September to the heginnins of October. ^tbls expedition of territorial expansion Hideyotni, one of l^ls gepera Js who had entered his service as a mere i^ienlal retai|\er, dlstip- fished himself over all the veteran grenerals of Nobiinaga. Surpgfi, was an jpilly of Nobn- naga, but with the of pgw^r by Hideyosbi to the exclusion of Nobunaga's two sons, Xyeyasu adopted ^p. hostility when one of tl^e two soi^, .having sided with an enemy of HJdeyosiil, fled to lyeyasu.This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Graduating in the spring of 1920 the Prince next entered the Military Academy or Cadets' School from which he passed out in June, 1922, at the age of twenty. — From her ^^eograpfiidia position the climate of Japan is very moist, and this fact is responsible for the southerly wl Ad fh summer that travels with the Black Current and the northerly wind which blows with the Tsushima Current. lyeyasu's victory further strengthened the position of the Tokugawa family, which then provoked war upon Osaka and the. Japan ejnjoyed on the whole pqace and prosperity during the sho.gu,nate of Tokugawa that lasted over two centuries and a

In addition to his an)ciety over the health of hrs father, he had to repait to the Imperial Palace every day except on Sundays to listen to the report's submitted by the Ministers of State and othrer high ofiicials, to. wer« to- have , been £«Urbrated)at an earlier date having been: p6st]K)iii^ for tome time-oa' account df rfhe great einrtfa quake disaster that occurred on September i, 1923, and destroyed the greater part of Tokyo and all Yokohama. (Chelonia virldi^); Japanese gecko (Gecko japonlcus); Ryukyu thveo-par Uit-tai L snako (ITBhneresuni B- rinkinaiui B). 3n'ic drama called No, and other arts were originated in this country.Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. In his school days 4ind army life, he has conducted himself most demacratically, removing all formalities and. Through his daily conduct, he has revealed, to the public his true character and habits, the Prince having not once claimed from his supereior officers any consideration for His Imperial st;itus throughout his service in the Army. Of these the Kwanto plaln» m MMa9tlx of fthe Hofeaja waters where loe- breakera are necensapy in winter. The CMjia B«sa coast of Kyushu is much indented, and over the sea are scattered the islands •of Goto, Hirato, Amakusa and Koshiki. It was a highly irresponsible decision, but the Court had been long estranged from active politics and was moreover Inclined to obstruct and annoy the shogunate out of spite. (S) Tok3i D c Hy (S) Miyazakl (S) Tottori (M) Gifu 1. Every male Japanese subject of the age of ov»r 25 3rears, residing over one year in the prefecture and enjoying citizenship, has the right to vote or to be elected. The assembly has no initiative, and It is, strictly speaking, only the advisary body of the Governor.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Indeed, he has given tp the public opportunities to see the true qualities of the Imperial Princes at close range, and this intimacy between the Prince and the public has made him the most popular man In the whole Empire 6f Japan. Part of the Nor Uieni i Padiflc •.north of Oape Sartmq, alao ^pdeitecl 'bo^.-floatingr^ioe and loe fields which ajre a menace 'to navigation Irom. Ti«fee.--Tides re^iirter a very hl|^h range on 'the Yellow Sea and Bast China Sea coasts, reachinir as much as 3f4-6 ft. In the northwest the 'Nishisonogi, Nome and Shlma- bara peninsulas divide the coast JAto the four bays of Omura, Nagasaki, •Saaebo and Miike. SB; * E K N If N , Gyelonet o^hd Typl^bpns:; — fn speal^ng of wfnds in Japan an S bcr neighborhood, it is necessarr tomantio A the .violent rotatory Digitized by Vj OOQIC B THE JAPAN YEAR BOOK storms called cyclones and ti Tphoons. It was In such peculiar circumstances that the sentiment of loyalty to the legitimate rul«rs became strangely associated with the antf- forelgn policy, and gave rise to the sonno-Jol (loj'-alty to the Court and expulsion of the foreigners) agitation, the slogan that swept over the whole country at that time. None the lesd it is a representative institution, and, as a matter of fact, it is in Japan the oldest representative institution estab- lished after the Western model. The '9'ame day, ^ktiid the public mourning, the E^ined ascended th^ throne as- the l24th Wverelgti of the Empire,, and. Eir, Bqwn ai cmt I (Nltiox Jtiiwnlca, Sbops japonlcus); Tsushima wood-pecker (Thrlponax richardsi); red . The arri VHl of the first Portuguese ship in 1641, of the 8pwiiands not long after, and of Francis Xaviar, a Jesuit missionary in 1549 are noteworthy incidents in our history. «ho wha passed awdjr on that d*y tt Hayama after a protradttd fitness. Japanese ape (Macacns spec i o s us) ; Chfchfbu bat C85Fno«us Hlaf'jipniigeneffs) ; tnoutitain mole tll? Birds number over 720 species, of which three-^feurths- ^ani Digitized by Lj OOQIC xmoo BLAPur i V potoaffotto/ rtsfla*- apoolce, and one- fourth are either Ethiopian rnrio Af miesi or forafcn pecidiar to Jtapan. Japanese freebooters also ventured out In their frail craft and spread terror along the coast of Korea and China.

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Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. No Imperial Prince q( Japan has ever been associated with the public so ii\timately^ as Prince Chichibu, In the past the public were not given opportunities to meet any member of the Imperial family in informal and personal ways. llomnal-ko 48.81 tmbarnuma 44.74 Towada-ko 89.04 Chuzenji in Nikko (14.78 miles), Ashi-no-ko in Hakone (0^4^ miles.), Suw A^ko In Sbinano (11^6 m Ues), ave noted 0IQUota4n lateee. The Inland Sea may practically be regarded as one large inland basin, being connected with the outer sea by four very narrow straits, i.e., Shimonoseki, Hayatomo, Yura and Naruto. — The invasion of cold wind from the Asiatic continent often causes Killing: frost, which frequently inflicts heavy damage oh .ypv^K m Mlberry leaves, and hence to spring sericulture. Chiefly to gain time, the shogunate applied to the Court for permission to open the country and thus involun- tarily placed itself under the direction of the legitimate rulers. Thus when we say local governnient, the term includes all these different administrative organs, the dhlet executives c»f which are prefec- tural governor, mayor, and headman.

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