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She has stated that she supports a strong state which can stand up to the Western world, and that she does not want for "the scientists of Russia and of my native Kazakhstan to share the fates of the scientists of Iraq, Libya, and Syria, that were 'helped' by the USA to become more democratic".

In particular, Elbakyan is strongly critical of the former Dynasty Foundation and its associated figures, believing that the foundation was politicized, tied to Russia's liberal opposition, and fit the legal definition of a "foreign agent"; Dynasty's founder, in her opinion, financed those researchers whose political views agreed with his own.

A year working in computer security in Moscow gave her the money to proceed to Freiburg in 2010 to work on a brain–computer interface project, and she developed an interest in transhumanism, which led her to a summer internship at Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, where she studied "Neuroscience and Consciousness".In the last 6 months organizers of the contest have been selecting the most beautiful girls in every city of Kazakhstan.On December 6 a new beauty queen will be selected to later represent Kazakhstan at Miss World-2012.Photo reproduction prohibited Aliya Telebarissove - Miss ALmaty.Photo reproduction prohibited Aigerim Bekenova - I Vice-Miss Almaty.

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