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In fact, an increase in the power of CSR may be an impediment to its effective development and implementation in some organizations.Thus, this increase in power may lead to opportunistic behaviour, which may result in the subversion of CSR and its benefits for stakeholders.This struggle can undermine development and implementation efforts, as attentions and priorities of managers are turned away from CSR activity.Unlike other management areas such as quality control, profit maximization or marketing, this problem is unique to CSR.

This stagnation results from a process whereby the power associated with CSR increases, causing the potential power of individuals with CSR responsibilities inside organizations to also increase.This struggle is intensified because of the strong link between organizational and personal ethics unique to CSR.In this Research Paper Summary, tbl presents the conclusions from a paper illustrating a simple but significant point: based on previous CSR research, we would expect that an increase in the power associated with CSR results in positive benefits for a range of stakeholders. In fact in some organizations, the more powerful CSR becomes, the more this power becomes an obstacle to implementing CSR systems, processes and initiatives that generate stakeholder benefits.Some actors use CSR to improve their own positions within an organization at the expense of CSR activity.Resource dependence theory is used to highlight why this may be a more significant concern for CSR than for other disciplines.

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