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Golf Conversations: How did you get involved here at Pinehurst? My brother came here for a golf outing and really enjoyed the place. And compared to the cost of living in California, it was no contest. KC: We were 20 years in the Bay area and 10 years down in Orange County, in Yorba Linda. Fortunately, in the morning, there’s not too much of that. A lot of business people; once in a while some pro players. In the following interview, he tells of bribe attempts, a politician who arrives under an assumed name on the tee sheet, and the skinny on free golf for Pinehurst employees. (laughter) And we got off the plane and it was gorgeous. It’s not a “let’s go down and play Pinehurst” type of situation. GC: I wonder if management has any “secret shoppers…” KC: They do. It always “cart paths only.” Unless you’re handicapped.

Because it’s too difficult a course for most members.

Adult company New Sensations decided to cater to women in January 2010, launching a new line of erotic films called The Romance Series.

These films are not only plot-driven but also seek to depict real love stories in the style of classic romance novels.

GC: What were some of your responsibilities as a cart ranger? Some places in Scotland, they’ll throw you off the golf course. My feeling is if you’re getting four people mad, that’s better than getting sixteen people behind them mad. KC: They’ve paid the same price you did to play the golf course.

KC: When you start out here, it’s so complex with the five golf courses, people will leave carts in various places. GC: I’ve been to Scotland and I know what you’re talking about.

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So the cart ranger goes and picks up the carts and brings them back.

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