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Additionally the slave trade brought many here that have integrated for the most part into the bloodline of Panama, so that many Panamanians are Indians, Spanish, and black.There’s another mixture that is very significant, which are the Chinese.

First were the indigenous Indian tribes that are distinctly different from each other.

Then you have the Spanish who created a new race of mestizos when they mixed with the Indians.

Panama also still has the forbears of the original Spanish settlers, be they of the conquistadores or those escaping the persecution of the Spanish Inquisition.

Colón was the location of the construction of the Interoceanic Railway, which today moves thousands of passengers between the cities of Panama and Colón, to the delight of tourists, bordering the Panama Canal, and being the transportation center for millions of cargo containers that transit through the canal, for the convenience of world trade.

The construction of one of the Eighth Wonders of the World, The Panama Canal, completed in 1914 and recently expanded to accommodate Panamax ships, makes Panama an exemplary economy among the nations of the world, despite being such a small country.

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