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Lifestyle Changes Centre Image of an apparently naked woman reclining on a chair.Her legs are apart and there is a large, hairy cat sat between her legs.Born in Texas in 1957, Lyle Lovett released his self-titled debut album in 1986 to excellent reviews.Five singles from that album made it onto the country charts, but Lovett wasn't satisfied within the traditional confines of country music.On one version we can see see a row of people's heads from behind wearing sporting clothing - two males have their arms in the air.In the second version the people are dressed as if they are attending the races as the women are wearing hats/fascinators and the men appear to be wearing suits.In 1989, he won a Grammy for Best Male Vocalist for the album , released in 1992, was his first album recorded in California, rather than Nashville where he was failing to live up to his country star expectations.He won a second Grammy for his 1993 duet with Al Green, After Lovett relocated to Los Angeles, he began to make inroads into several other aspects of the entertainment business, including producing albums, making guest appearances and appearing in Robert Altman's critically acclaimed films, , which debuted at No. The album featured an upbeat Texas feel with elements of bossa nova, Cajun and honky-tonk, and was hailed by critics as his most accessible album todate.

He continued to experiment in jazz, folk and pop within the country framework.Mc Donald's Aust Ltd Online banner advertisement featuring an animated game called "Fish Finder"where a little red submarine vehicle moves through the water with a flashlight, you manouevre the submarine to make the flashlight shine on the different fish, once you have identified all 5 fish, the pack shot of the Happy Meal pops up showing the Happy Meal Box, Seared Chicken Snack Wrap, Apple Slices and Calci-Yum milk (no toy is shown) with a message reading "For more fun and games visit Happy au". Dept of Children and Families A man is shown being aggressive towards his female partner whilst children look on.The voice over is spoken from the point of the view of a male child who says that when he grows up he wants to be just like his dad in that he will be the best footie player, will meet a girl and then 'show her who's boss'.General Pants Group Image on the webpage for General Pants which features a topless woman with what looks like masking tape covering her nipples.A pair of male hands are reaching from behind her ready to remove her unzipped jeans.

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