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The most powerful of all the gangs to rule MUMBAI was the D COMPANY, named after its leader Dawood Ibrahim who, along with his partner Chhota Rajan, held the city in a stranglehold for a very long time.But then a chain of events led to a dangerous split between Dawood and Rajan, which broke up the D COMPANY and to seize this opportunity a lot of other gangs jumped into the fray to stake their own claim for the top spot.I like to make friends who have sexual overtures and don't like to bounds.

A note from Boris-Alexander Grönemeyer Producer of Ram Gopal Varma's GUNS and THIGHS Produced by STORMCELL ENTERTAINMENT Being from Germany, the only things you hear about Indian movies are Bollywood musicals and Slumdog Millionaire.

But as a real film fan in the process of discovering more, I came across RGV’s work. I’m working a lot in China right now, emerging myself in other cultures and in other forms of storytelling, which go beyond the traditional Western way.

At some point, you realize that the core of those stories around the world is the same – everyone just expresses them differently.

This created a massive outburst of criminal activities including extortion and contract killings, and the resulting gang wars created a demand for hitmen, which in turn generated a very lucrative business for the ever hungry recruiters of the Mumbai Mafia and they got busy sourcing potential killers from the badlands of interior India.

This was also the time period which saw the heights of a never before bed hopping nexus between the Mafia, the Film people, the Cops and the Businessmen/Politicians.

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