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Grade 9: Aidan Apple, Hamer Brigman, Sofia Chodri, Sam Delaisse, Dory Keever, Kate Leonard, Ryan Lim, Rowan Mac Kie, Morgan Mayson, Cameron Mc Master, Mollie Mc Whorter, Jack Merritt, Myles Patterson, Claire Smith, Cook Smith, Emma Steward, Jackson Todd, and Emma Whitlock.Grade 10: David Adams, Georgia Anne Brumfield, Michael Calabrese, Alex Casas, Parker Clinard, Jack Councill, Gaby Culler, Rosa Anna Elias, Jackson Weil, Emily Ann Wright, Katie Mac Wright, and Lacy Wright.Grade 7: Bo Brigman, Ellie Choplin, MJ Edwards, Lucy Larkin Heard, Nati Roberts, and Sofie Stofferis.Grade 8: Faith Davis, Kate Dyson, Wills Heard, Trey Johnson, Henry Scott, Jackson Tuggle, and Max Van Dessel.

Grade 12: Victoria Atkinson, Jeff Branch, Carson Castelli, Allyson Chiu, Alex Evans, Jackson Fielding, Riley Fleming, Alen Izic, Savannah Kirkman, Samantha Mickey, Mehul Muppasani, Davis Privette, Troy Reid, Alex Steward, Jessica Tran, Max Truschnowitsch, and Dalton Ward. Those olive oil pan fried croutons don’t hurt the cause, either. A word about a newish ingredient we have on the loose in this soup: nutritional yeast. It’s a deactivated yeast that is sold at health food stores. Hey you over there, wearing the cozy sweater even though it’s slightly too warm for that in August – yes, you! They’ve put together this quick survey to learn a little more about you guys, who you grocery shop for, and what you do or don’t like about almond milk. ALSO there’s cash money to be had: when you fill out the survey, you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a chance to win one (1) 0 VISA gift card.Which, when I write it out, doesn’t seem like it should be that hard, but it translates to needing food prepped and ready to go which is something that, as a food blogger, I’m strangely not very good at. “The most important work we do at Westchester Country Day School is to teach our students the importance of giving back to others,” said Head of School Cobb Atkinson.Today, our school family empowered these organizations to continue the legacy of selfless service that we work to instill in our students every day.” Westchester Country Day School sent eight teams to the regional Odyssey of the Mind competition at Northwest Guilford High School on March 3.

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