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When you text this one to him, he’s going to respond with “where” or “why”, because once again men have no idea how to respond when you blow their mind.

After he gives you his text reply, tell him all the ways you want him to touch you.

Then, you text him how much you are enjoying touching yourself while you’re thinking of him and how much you wish he was the one touching you right now. It’s kind of the skeleton key of sexting…he’s bound to play along and get turned on as well.

Okay, if you and your guy are a little on the kinky side (and a lot of us are, so don’t feel awkward), then sex and food is an absolute must.

ramesh raju: hi me: hi ramesh raju: hru ramesh raju: asl me:25 f chennai me: urs ramesh raju: i am 29 nagarkovil ramesh raju: enna pandringa me:studying ramesh raju: hmm.. ramesh raju: un molai size ennadi me:first nalla nakuda aprm molaiya pathukkalam me:nalla nakkuda ramesh raju: iyho nakkurendi me: mmmmmmmmmmm ramesh raju: un pundai superaa irukkudi me: mmmmmmm me: apdiye nalla nakkuda chellam me: apdi than mmmmmmmmm ramesh raju: ok ramesh raju: ipo podalama me: nalla kuthanum ok va ramesh raju: hmmm ramesh raju: nagarkovil variyadi ramesh raju: summa...

” Something that involves licking, sex, and food all in one is going to make him hungry… When it comes to sexy text messages to send your guy, remember that he’s going to be shocked if you’ve never done this before.

This naughty text is going to make him smile, and then it’s going to make him aroused.

Let him guess, and make sure he knows you’re touching that special place. ” you text back, “Nooo, lower…try again” until he playfully figures it out.

me: yena achi ramesh raju : okkkkk me: pundaiyila vittukitte paal kudida me: mmmmmmmm ramesh raju : ok di nalla emdi okkirendi me: ahhh apdi than sogama irukkuda ramesh raju : aduthu enna pannanum me: vayila vachi kiss kuda ramesh raju: uummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me: mlaiya nalla kasakkuda kasaki yeduthu yena mood aakkuuda BUZZ!!!

ramesh raju : ohhhh ramesh raju : nalla kutu vaanguredi me: mmmmmmmmmmmm thanks innm nalla kuthu da mmmmm ahhhhh me: apdim than me:valikka valikka kuthuda ramesh raju : ok me: amma apdi than nalla kuthu rendu naal naan enthirikkave koodathu mudiyathu ramesh raju :ithod un pundai kiliyuthudi ramesh raju: intha mmmmmmmmmm ramesh raju : ohhhh ramesh raju : vidiya vidiya unnai okka porendi thoongama me: konu yeduthududa vaada BUZZ!!! me: romba slova chat pandrada enakku moodu pogthu ramesh raju : enna reasson ramesh raju : ipo marupadiyum un pundaiyila vittu adikkattuma me:sarida BUZZ!!!

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