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So, I have a windows 7 64 bit computer with microsoft security essentials on it. I went to google to try and find the answer, and none of the trouble shooting worked.I tried going to microsoft updates on my computer and got an error code 80072F8F when i tried to run for updates.They can be scheduled to run at a give time or particular location, and can be modified to work when the computer is not actually in use.Handily, Microsoft Security Essentials automatically updates its database, and is fully integrated with Windows Explorer and the Windows Firewall.It still features a simple, clear tabbed interface with four main areas in which the user can take a look at the system's security status, update virus and spyware definitions, check the history of previously detected items, and tweak the program's settings, respectively.Microsoft Security Essentials includes three types of scan - quick, full, or customizable.This is an old chestnut, what can I do to avoid keep having to uninstall and re-install MSE to keep my AV definitions up to date. I have tried various suggestions over time, but nothing solves the problem permanently.

Bear in mind, however, that Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't disinfect files - it only deletes them in case of infection.Hello, Microsoft Security Essentials used to update automatically and I also used to be able to manually check for updates! At least the manual check for updates does NOT work!! well When I click "update" it will search for updates and search and search and search and search!!! The Last time updates were downloaded, The search took a about an hour and then the updates were downloaded in just a couple minutes!!In my untrained opinion, I believe that this problem could also be related to the same problem of Microsoft Windows Updates not working properly!Microsoft Security Essentials is a gentle introduction to the sometimes complicated world of home computer security." to download and install virus definition updates without Automatic Update.

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I also went to Service and made cryptographic services automatic.

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