Microsoft project updating tasks

For example, you can define an enterprise custom field, such as Task Enterprise Flag1, as a flag to indicate if a task is important.

When you click Collaborate, point to Publish, and then click All Information in Microsoft Project Professional, this flag displays in Microsoft Project Web Access views (it is stored in the MSP_VIEW_PROJ_TASKS_ENT table, in the Microsoft Project Server database), and there is a corresponding assignment in the assignments table (MSP_WEB_ASSIGNMENTS) in the Microsoft Project Server database.

To add the notification, place the downloaded Sec_Users_Add page in the IIS Virtual Root\Admin folder of the Microsoft Project Server computer.

This modified page differs from the original Microsoft Project Web Access page in the following locations: To add the notification, find the downloaded Sec_Svr_page in the IIS Virtual Root\Admin folder of the Microsoft Project Server computer.

To use the custom e-mail reminder option in Microsoft Project Web Access, you need to add code to the custom functions in the Custom_file stored in the Notifications\Include folder of Microsoft Project Server.

The Custom_file includes the following functions: This function gets information from the MSP_WEB_REMINDERS table in the Microsoft Project Server database and translates this information so that the controls for the e-mail reminder can be set in the Microsoft Project Web Access user interface.

This enables the Send Email property in the Pj ENAgent object to send the notification to the new user.

You can use Microsoft Project Server e-mail notifications in your existing timesheet application.

For example, you can implement an e-mail notification that is sent when a resource updates any task that utilizes the Task Update event in Microsoft Project Server.

The following Microsoft ASPs in Microsoft Project Web Access are part of the e-mail notification and reminder service: These pages contain settings that are stored in the Microsoft Project Server database.

The Notification Processing Engine (NPE) periodically queries the database for user notification subscriptions.

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There are three methods that can be used to programmatically trigger an e-mail notification: Event Notify, Event Content Notify, and Send Email.

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