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Happily married, architect Bob (David Duchovny) watches with pride as zoologist wife Elizabeth (Joely Richardson) begins to fulfill her dream of a proper gorilla habitat at the local zoo.

Her whip-crack wit, inherent geniality, and natural flair for improvisation have always made her a welcome addition to any movie or television show, even when trapped in limited supporting roles.Textures are welcome on faces, and set decoration is easily surveyed.Print remains in comfortable shape, with only a few moments of speckling.Subplots don't follow normal trajectories, following Bob on his mission to celebrate Elizabeth's work with the construction of a gorilla habitat, driven to make the place as expansive and beautiful as possible.Grace struggles with the mailing of a sympathy letter to her mystery donor, unsure if she can bear such communication.

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Hunt also deserves credit for bringing out a different side to Duchovny, who's asked to give up his wooby of irony and detachment to play a confident man knocked flat by grief.

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