Month trial dating sites best dating sites ever

It made no sense that we were receiving emails within 5 minutes after signing up on the site, when we have no photographs in the profile and we had very little information for any users to go off of. As we tried to click on the links for each email we were sent, we were directed to pay up to read the messages. We don't think anyone would mind paying for a paid membership as long as they're getting value for their money unfortunately you will not get any value on this site because all the emails are completely fake.

You really can't communicate with anyone on the site unless you pay the monthly membership fee.

Once you realize how these dating sites operated you can spot them a mile away.

For the ignorant public who have no real understanding on how the scams operate it's very easy to get caught with your pants down and ripped off.

This investigation uncovers the facts and exposes the lies.

When we first registered and logged on to the site almost immediately we started to receive messages and emails from interested females.

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