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If he loses the flat what happens to the rent I paid and what happens to my deposit?I have just moved out from my rental flat where I had been living for almost 3 years as my landlord was planning to sell the flat.I've just been notified that possessionproceedings have begun againgst my landlord by the mortgage lenders for the flat I live in.I'm on a rolling contract and the hearing takes place one week after my next rent is due.We have been reliable paying tenants since we moved into this 3 bedroom property but our (2 years occupied so far and 2 12 month agreements) 12 month tenancy agreement was coming to an end and the landlord wanted us to stay so in return for signing a 3 year contract (as we were very happy here) they started actually renovating and repairing the problems the property had suffered with over the course of our previous tenancy.Of course we were happy to finally have the problems sorted and even a new kitchen fitted but then we received a call letting us know they were selling the property to the Estate Agents Pearson Ferrier.I have just started renting a house which i believed to be long term but the neighbour informed me it was on the market for sale.The letting agency did not inform me of this and now I am no longer secure as I thought I was.

Thank u for any advice you can give me Heres a problem my wife and i are facing.However, as far as the law is concerned, the tenant doesn’t have to vacate…So by all means, you do have rights in this situation, and you definitely can’t be thrown out without proper notice.As a tenant, before deciding to be a stubborn mule, take into consideration the facts.When he changed agents theystopped my hb unknowing to me which meant there was a break and I couldn't get it changed to be paid straight to me .When i spoke to him he told me it wasnt really up for sale it was just for the judge to think it was being sold but the new estate agents have told me its def for sale and the old agents denied saying i could live here at reduced rate even though i have 2 witness , I was told if I didn't do viewings I would be evicted too.

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As i understand it my wife signing the Surrender of Tenancy form basically means we are up shit creek and our 3 year paddle is lost.

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