Nathan and brooke dating in real life

Nearly dead from blood loss and not thinking clearly, Peyton confessed her love for Lucas and kissed him.They both agreed to pretend it never happened so as not to hurt Brooke, but everything had changed.It was uncomfortable for him, as he was dating his book editor Lindsay Strauss.It became increasingly obvious that he was still in love with Peyton.

Despite being there to help him mourn Keith's loss, Brooke could tell their romance was fading.They did not speak to each other until her car broke down in junior year and he towed it back to town.He showed her nothing but kindness and respect and encouraged her dreams.It ended in heartache for her, when she learned that Lucas and Peyton were having an affair behind her back and it ended her relationships with them both for a time.It was months later that Lucas and Brooke repaired their friendship and began to get to know each other better. But Brooke had never totally gotten over the sting of his betrayal.

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