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I would greatly appreciate any help or replies that may get the news feed working correctly again.shows your News Feed, it’s time for another shake-up.In 2016, Facebook made an update to news feed that sounded eerily similar to the most recent announcement: Our top priority is keeping you connected to the people, places and things you want to be connected to — starting with the people you are friends with on Facebook. Back in July of last year, Facebook announced Groups for Pages, allowing brands to link groups to their pages — and even interact in those groups either as their page or personal profile.

So now when you click on a mobile link to an Instant Article or open a page in its internal browser window, Facebook will calculate how much time you spend there after the content stops loading, controlled for content length.The rollout of the new News Feed started recently, and will continue over the next few weeks; it will affect both your personal Facebook feed and that of any pages you have on the platform.You’ve undoubtedly heard by now about the big Facebook news feed update that was announced recently. The news feed is sorted and customized based on a ranking system. As a result, you will see fewer posts from pages.2. This was the second half of the announcement, and it seems to be a significant pivot. ”Ultimately, posts that lead to long, thoughtful comments will have the most success on Facebook. Is a post that gets lots of likes, but no comments meaningful? Is a post that gets lots of one word and one sentence replies interesting?Our two pages are just a couple of the dozens and dozens of examples. Granted, maybe this change hasn’t been put in place yet. This is consistent with Facebook’s emphasis on authenticity.Marketers were sharing the “horrible news” of how brands will disappear in the news feed, all while resulting in ridiculous engagement numbers. But we’ve heard before that pages would receive lower priority in the feed. Your goal is to not only get lots of comments, likes, and shares, but for that engagement to be meaningful.

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I don’t recall seeing a signficant drop in my page post performance after that change. While I already have multiple paid private communities, I think there’s room for a free one as well.

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