Nigerians in australia seeking dating

A heavy security presence often indicates a location of particularly high risk, but less security does not necessarily mean a lower risk.

Avoid the affected area in the aftermath of an attack.

Attacks may be indiscriminate and target public places where large crowds gather.

Terrorists may launch attacks to coincide with religious festivals, national holidays, significant dates and anniversaries, especially during the Ramadan, Christmas and Easter periods.

Attacks by Boko Haram aimed at spreading terror and taking territorial control of large parts of north-eastern Nigeria have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, over a thousand kidnappings and the displacement of over two-and-a-half million people in recent years.

Travellers are reminded of the threat of terrorist attacks in Nigeria, including at hotels in major cities frequented by foreigners.More information: Kidnapping Terrorist attacks can occur anywhere in Nigeria.Locations frequented by foreigners have been attacked in the past and may be targeted in the future.The Australian Government considers that paying a ransom increases the risk of further kidnappings, including of other Australians.If you do decide to travel to an area where there is a particular threat of kidnapping, seek professional security advice and have effective personal security measures in place.

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