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As far as how long to wait, until and if you're both ready to meet. It didn't work out romantically but we're best of friends and roommates now. if you are an adult you should realize that certain issues such as work are more important than texting you back the minute you receive a text.I waited nearly two years before I met someone in person I met online and that was after talking on the phone nearly every day and emailing daily. I prefer to talk to someone on the phone after a few emails. Some ppl just want to meet and if they don't like what they see they don't want to waste their time to get to know you. If they don't respond for a couple of days then it is probably a sign that they are just 'not that in to you'. Go for coffee rather than a meal so if either of you want to make a quick get a way then it is easier over coffee.

Different people may advise otherwise but the above worked for me and I am married to a man I met from an online dating site..

I also met my guy through the online dating arena and he felt the same way I did about phone calls and meeting.

I prefer to hold off on exchanging numbers until I have established that he is someone I actually want to meet. I did have to change my number due to a wacko calling me at all hours for a while, so I am even more apprehensive about giving a number out so quickly.

Also remember there are a lot of scammers out there that want your money..

I have had several contact me and they were overseas and needed me to send them cash which they would repay with their paycheck.. sure When I first started online dating, I did the "cautious emailing, then calling, then finally meeting" deal.

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I'm not fanatically religious - but I am a practicing Catholic. However, every contact wants me to call him by the 2nd message - and doesn't appear to have even read my profile.

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