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I gave him specific instructions on how to attract what he wanted. You might also like this video: Why Am I Slow to Manifest Money?

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This is why the best day-game approaches are ones that are gradual, gentle, and unfold organically. If you’ve done things right, it’s not unreasonable to be making out with a girl 30 minutes after you’ve met her in a bar.

Alcohol is a powerful social lubricant that, when combined with the cover of darkness and loud music, provides a powerful atmosphere for sex. It’s not uncommon to take a girl home the same night you met her at a bar, but even getting an “insta-date” (where you go somewhere else with a girl) is quite rare during the day. In the safety of the bar atmosphere, a girl will do all sorts of things that she would never think of doing during the day.

This is worsened by being with a group of girlfriends who are all dressed that way and constantly validate each other’s “sexiness” by telling one another, successfully get noticed through attention-whoring, and then repeatedly reject guys who are fawning attention on them.

With every rejection, her confidence climbs higher. During the day, this form of “night courage” is greatly diminished, even if a girl is well dressed.

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