Pc shield delux is not updating

For example, they were all asking if the car had a high safety rating and good gas mileage. Anyway, we googled the emails and found out they were scam mails.

When I contacted Autotrader to point out the scams, they send me a standard email on how to avoid scams. Also, they do not protect your real email address (like on Craigslist) so the scammers could contact me directly.

I reached out to AT, they were sincerely sorry, (I believed them) but they cannot be held responsible, these things happen, yada yada.

They gave me a pretty comprehensive list of things I should do to make sure I am not scammed...

I'm going to upgrade to Windows 10 anyway so I'm wondering whether to ignore it and go ahead with the upgrade?

Not to mention 3 or 4 of those replies regarded people telling me the Auto Trader ad wouldn't work properly, either not loading images or them being unable to open the listing.

We spent over 0 on ads at Auto Trader to sell our classic car.

We started receiving a lot of strange requests with the same wording that didn't make a lot of sense.

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