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The fike person seeks to create a virtual relation through the exchange of pictures and e-mails.Scammers can signup to online dating agencies or chat just like anyone else.In many instances the email's don't even come from ladies.Some of the most common reasons they give for why they need help include: I think I have been scammed..

There're quite a several groups that operate in the area. When the time's right, they start asking for money.

We regret that you've no way of obtaining your money back.

We suggest contacting the money transfer office or your credit card company/bank to ascertain their policies in such cases.

Some men told me that they cannot forget the woman and will go on, getting her or breaking their hearts.

They forget the fact that in reality THEY ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WOMAN.

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(As you can expect, the person from the photos has no idea what her photos are used for - would YOU give your photos to somebody knowing he is going to use it for a crime?

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