Plex library not updating

If you start your Server at and have it set to update every 30 minutes, then an update will start around .

You can manually Scan or Refresh a library as a whole or Refresh particular items within a library.

Periodic updates for your library allow you to have scans run at a set frequency.

This is controlled by two settings: Note: The periodic frequency is based on when the Plex Media Server starts up.

As time goes on, you’ll add and remove media to the libraries or make other changes that mean the library is no longer up-to-date.

You can Refresh or Scan libraries to bring them up-to-date.

It will generally work for network shares mounted via SMB, NFS, AFP, or similar.

If you have this option enabled and library scans don’t happen automatically (you should wait 60 seconds after all activity on the drive finishes), automatic updates may not be supported on your operating system/filesystem and you may wish to use periodic updates instead.

I have mine setup that way and after downloading something, my server always updates.

In many cases, Scans may be initiated for you automatically such as when you save changes to a library’s settings.

Settings to control automatic or periodic library scans can be found under feature.

You should Scan Library Files if you have: Refreshing Metadata for a library or individual item causes the metadata for the item to be refreshed, even if it already has metadata.

You can think of refreshing as “update metadata for the requested item even if it already has some”.

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The specific behavior can vary depending on library settings and from where the Refresh was initiated.

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