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Such beer came to be called is now used for top-fermented British types of beer.The Industrial Revolution brought the mechanization of brewing.Its biggest competitor, Uber, has endured a series of scandals.Most recently, Uber pulled its self-driving cars off roads after a fatal accident involving a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, in March.Modern breweries use stainless-steel equipment and computer-controlled automated operations, and they package beer in metal casks, glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic containers.Beers are now exported worldwide and are produced under license in foreign countries., into important social rituals.

Beer, alcoholic beverage produced by extracting raw materials with water, boiling (usually with hops), and fermenting.

Better control over the process, with the use of the thermometer and saccharometer, was developed in Britain and transferred to the Continent, where the development of ice-making and refrigeration equipment in the late 19th century enabled lager beers to be brewed in summer.

In the 1860s the French chemist pure-culture technology was taken up quickly by Continental lager brewers but not until the 20th century by the ale brewers of Britain.

Mild ales—weaker, darker, and sweeter than bitter—are a common variation; more colour is obtained by special malts, roasted barley, or caramels, less hops are used, and cane sugar is added to impart sweetness and aid maturation.

Stouts are stronger versions of mild ale; some, such as milk stouts, contain lactose (milk sugar) as a sweetener.

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