Pxesetup log not updating

Therefore the only recommended and supported method of PXE booting client PCs that are on a different subnet than the DHCP or WDS/PXE Service Point servers is the use of IP Helpers.For additional information regarding DHCP Options not being recommended or supported please see the below articles: The only exception where a DHCP Option needs to be used is when DHCP and WDS reside on the same server.To have the PXE request broadcast transverse between subnets or vlans, the PXE request broadcast needs to be forwarded by the router to the DHCP and WDS/PXE Service Point servers so that they can properly respond to the client PC's PXE request.An alternative to using IP Helpers is setting DHCP Options on the DHCP server, specifically DHCP Options 60 (PXE Client), 66 (Boot Server Host Name), and 67 (Bootfile Name).Monitor this log and verify that the PXE Service Point uninstalled correctly.It may take a few minutes for the deinstallation to start and finish successfully.In the Config Mgr 2007 Admin Console, navigate to " is the name of the server where the PXE Service Point and WDS is being reinstalled).If the Boot Image is installed on the standard DP, it is NOT necessary to also delete the Boot Image from the standard DP. Under each Boot Image that was deleted, monitor the "" will all be 0. Make sure that no other packages are on the SMSPXEIMAGES$ DP.

IP Helpers are necessary because the PXE request generated by the client PC is a broadcast that does not travel outside of the local subnet or vlan. If the DHCP server and/or the WDS/PXE Service Point server are not on the subnet or vlan as the client PC, they will not see or hear the PXE request broadcast from the client PC and therefore will not respond to the PXE request.Once configured, the PXE Service Point installation will then automatically start the WDS service.For this reason, manual configuration of WDS in the Windows Deployment Services console is NOT necessary and should not be performed.If the folder contains subfolders, there are additional packages on the SMSPXEIMAGES$ DP that need to be removed: a.To determine which packages are on the DP, copy down the folder names.

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It may take a few minutes for the installation to start and finish successfully.

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