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Dogs are allowed in three (3) "Pet Friendly" Cabins at Lakepoint State Park.

Fort Payne: De Soto State Park, 7104 De Soto Parkway NE, Fort Payne, AL 35967 Pets on a leash are allowed on the trails, in the campground, and in dog-friendly Cabin 9 & Chalet 15.

A majority of the STURP scientists concluded that the blood was blood, and that the body image consisted of a “dehydrated, oxidized, conjugated carbonyl,” very similar to simple, aged linen. Before his death in March, 2005 former STURP scientist Ray Rogers developed a theory that answered “yes.” In a 2003 paper, Rogers, with co-author Anna Arnoldi of the University of Milan, proposed that the body image could have been produced by trace chemicals left over from the linen manufacturing and bleaching processes; these then were stimulated into a long series of complex reactions by the vapors escaping from a corpse, and eventually resulted in an extremely thin, yellow carbohydrate “cast” on the surfaces of the image fibers.

Rogers does not believe any “miracles” were involved, but admits the cloth probably did wrap a corpse. Meanwhile, critics continue to propose that some kind of late medieval photographic process, not documented anywhere, could have been used to produce the image.

How was the image made and of what does it really consist?

Some of Zugibe’s medical views differ sharply with those of Pierre Barbet, a famous mid-20th century Shroud researcher, such as insisting that Christ’s death was not due to asphyxiation, but rather to “cardiac and respiratory arrest, due to hypovolemic and traumatic shock, due to crucifixion.” The numerous summaries (and brief analyses) of the theories of Christ’s death, image formation mechanisms, and reasons for the 1988 C14 dating anomalies are particularly helpful.

The 1988 radiocarbon test continues to be the hottest issue among many Shroud watchers.

This “proto-photo” theory has been around for about a decade and is clever, but still convinces few Shroud experts.

Dogs on a leash are allowed in campgrounds and on the trails, but are not permitted in the bathhouse, pool or in swimming areas.

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Meacham’s book, (an unfortunate title), goes into considerable detail about the planners’ personalities and infighting leading to the 1988 test.

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