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Bobby steps in and puts it out with his ice powers, successfully extinguishing the flames.

All of a sudden, the entire museum comes to a stand-still as everyone inside freezes as if time has stopped, leaving only the mutants unaffected.

Negotiations with the police prove futile and one officer orders Logan to drop his blades; when he retracts them, he is shot in the head, the bullet stopped by his Adamantium skull.As a boy with pyrokinetic abilities named Pyro, who is sitting in front of Rogue, puts his hand behind his back and creates a small fireball; Bobby, sitting next to Rogue uses his power to freeze the fireball, and it falls on the floor and breaks, resulting in Pyro getting in trouble with Storm and Rogue being impressed.Bobby introduces himself to Rogue and asks for her name. He creates a small ice crystal shaped like a rose flower for her and welcomes her to mutant high.He felt like he belonged and became good friends with Pyro.Bobby was a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and when Rogue had arrived and joined the school, Bobby became immediately smitten.

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